Welcome to the Golf-4Fun Tour.

Our site hosts golf tournaments using Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 for PC.  There is a Weekly Tournament run in 24 week sessions that follows a mix of the PGA, LPGA, DP World and Champions tours. All courses are real courses unless we set a Fun Tourney to fill in a blip in the schedule. The tournaments run Mon. thru Sun. and are 4 rounds.  We support All Four Levels of play in separate leader boards.  Conditions vary from week to week.  Both scratch and handicap scores are kept (just don't ask me how the handicap is figured).

We have two Knock Out Tournaments that run approximately every two weeks. One KO for Novice/Intermediate levels and one for Advanced/Expert levels. In a 16 player bracket, there are 4 rounds on a different course each round.  The courses are a mix of real and good fantasy courses.  Winners of each match move on to the next round.  All scores are recorded in the server database.

The site is Free and hosted by the owner, Jo Summer.  It is managed by nort2 and Joe.  The amount awarded for tournaments is only for the purpose of keeping track of your place in the standings.  All results and standings are cleared twice a year and a new 24-week tour session is started.  It's all about just having Fun playing TW08 Golf.

We invite you sign up and join us.

If you would like to become a member of the Golf-4Fun Tour, all you neeed to do is create an account. There is no cost to play on the site.  You are allowed 4 accounts per household, one account per level of play.

Click on "Create an account" link at the bottom of the Login box.  A form will open to fill in your information. Your TW08 Player Name should match whatever you've named your player in the game. Enter a site login password and enter a verifiable email address. Verify that you're human with the Captcha app.  Click Register.

Your account is now in the database.  You should receive an email that will ask you to click on a link to verify the account.  The admin will activate the account when he sees that it has been verified.  You can now log in to the site using your Player Name and Password.

On the home page, you must fill out the Launcher Registration on the right side of the page. Select your Country, Level of play, and Swing Type.  Create a new Launcher Password.  This will be used every time you play a Tour, KO or 4Fun round so make a record of it.

At the top of the User Menu, you can click on Launcher Download to take you to the link to get the launcher. There is also a link in the User Menu to a PDF document on "How to User the Launcher."  I suggest you read through the document if you are new to the site.

You are now ready to play on the Golf-4Fun Tour. Good Luck & Have Fun.
On April 15, 2021, all accounts that had been inactive since December 31, 2017 were removed from the database.  If you are a former member of the Golf-4Fun Tour and your account was removed, we invite you to rejoin the Tour by using the "Create an account" link in the Login box.
KO Tournaments R Status
Adv-Exp 6 Q Started
Nov-Int 6 Q Started