The site, started by Jo Summer, has been running since 2005.  After the EA servers were shut down in 2010, Jo developed the G4F Launcher and opened the site up for online play.

Member participation numbers have been decreasing and both active administrators are wanting to retire from running the site.  After communicating with Jo Summer about things, it was agreed that the life of the Golf-4Fun site, as it exists today, was near its end.

As of December 24, 2023, the site will no longer run Weekly or KO tournaments, the way it does today.  Jo Summer has said the plan is to try to keep the site open.   He has some ideas about changing the look and operation of the site, so that members could possibly set their own tournaments.  The details of the site operation are not formalized so we will try to provide updates here, when they are available.

No new members will be accepted until further notice.

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